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Pelican™ Large Cases


When you need to move a lot of valuable and delicate gear, such as photographic cameras and lenses, medical equipment, electronics and sensitive military equipment, you need the safety and security provided by Pelican™ Large Cases.


Designed and built to protect and secure a wide variety of gear, Pelican™ Large Cases feature Pelican's incredibly strong space-age structural resin construction, and are o-ring sealed to keep out water and dust. Many feature a stackable design for efficient storage and transport.


Depending on the model, Pelican™ Large Cases are offer these features: Stainless steel caster wheels, built-in/spring loaded pull handle, easy open Double Throw latches, open cell core with solid wall design – strong & light weight, Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve, large 2-person fold down handles, Stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors, 3 level Pick N Pluck™ with convoluted lid foam. And, personalized nameplate service is available.


Specialty large cases include the Pelican™ 0450 Mobile Tool Chest, which has heavy duty buttress hinges, Auto Pressure Equalization Valves, two way handles, stable, wide track mobility, optional drawers, hybrid double throw butterfly latches, graduated deflector ribs, secure stack design, and a trolley handle & wheel system. The new Pelican™ 0450 Mobile Tool Chest has two extra compartments for storage. Easy access beneath the top lid gives you an extra storage space, and the tool chest also includes three unsealed pockets on the left side to store smaller items. Plus, Pelican™ offers a free Tool Planner's Kit to help you design the Mobile Tool Chest to fit your specific needs.

Other specialty Pelican™ Large Cases include the Pelican™ 1600 EMS Case, customized for EMS personnel with EMS organizers & dividers. The Pelican™ 1600 EMS Case has all of the Pelican™ standard features: o-ring sealed, Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve, and Stainless steel padlock protectors, plus the multi layer lid organizer with numerous clean pockets lets you find everything right away. There is a lid organizer clear cover with Velcro® fasteners which keeps supplies in place during transport. Padded dividers with adjustable walls allow for customizing compartments to any size and provide extra protection and inventory management.

Some Pelican™ Long Cases also fall into the Large Case category, and include the Pelican™ Model 1740. From stargazing on the top of Mount Everest to a photo shoot in the forests of the Amazon, the Pelican™ 1740 is your ideal method for protecting a telescope, jack hammer, rifles, chainsaw, tripods and lights, and other long gear. Pelican™ developed the Pelican™ 1740 for easy one person transport and its depth and length allow for infinite storage possibilities. Like all Pelican™ cases, standard features include a dust proof and watertight seal, and it is backed by our legendary lifetime guarantee of excellence. Features unique to the Pelican™ 1740 include: Two Integrated Automatic Pressure Equalization Valves, Four extra-deep base-to-lid locking cleats that ensure maximum stacking stability, two rugged double-wide handles and Wide-track polyurethane wheels with ball bearings and nylon hubs.

Pelican's™ new class of XXL cases, the Pelican™ 1780W Weapon Case and Pelican™ 1780T Transport Case, feature a 50/50 lid-to-base ratio for easy loading. The lid is completely detachable for full access. The Pelican™ 1780W is designed to hold M4 or M16 rifles, and has a Hi-density Foam Tray option for 10 firearms with scopes or a Rigid Polyethylene Tray option for 12 firearms without optics. The detachable halves separate to become mobile firearms racks. A humidity gauge changes color above 40%, and there is a Manual Pressure Equalization Purge Valve. The Pelican™ 1780W has a fast loading, lockable metal crossbar for extra security, and 4 heavy-duty wheels make this large case easily moveable by one person.

And for the safe transport of larger valuable Commercial, Construction, Oil Field, Medical, Military & Law Enforcement equipment, the Pelican™ 1780T Transport Case is the ideal solution.

Medical, photographic, video, IT, military and law enforcement professionals rely on these tough, durable and user-friendly Pelican™ cases. You should too.

Like all Pelican™ Cases, the Pelican™ Large Cases are all Watertight, crush proof, and dust proof, and come with Pelican'sPelican™ Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence. And, personalized nameplate service is available.

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