Pelican™ Cases

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Pelican cases are made of light weight space-age structural resin, are o-ring sealed, and are equipped with an atmospheric purge valve. They are "guaranteed unbreakable," air-tight and water-tight, and corrosion proof.

Store, organize and transport all of your vital equipment safely and securely in Pelican™ cases. Many Pelican™ cases have built-in wheels, ergonomic handles and stainless steel hardware & padlock protectors. O-rings and automatic pressure equalization valves are also part of almost every Pelican™ case. Medical, photographic, video, sportsmen, IT, military and law enforcement professionals rely on these tough, durable and user-friendly Pelican™ cases. You should too.

Whether you want to safely store your expensive optical and electronic gear, or are going on the adventure of a lifetime, count on Pelican™ cases to protect your valuable equipment from shocks and environmental hazards.