Price Match Policy

At we are never knowingly undersold! takes great pride in the low prices and great values offered on this site. We work hard to ensure that our product selection, product availability, reliable delivery, and superior customer service work together to create a great shopping experience.

We also want our customers to feel confident that consistently offers the lowest prices…period.

For this reason, we offer the Lowest Price Guarantee.

If you find the same product on the net for less, we'll beat that price by 5%!
If you find it for less after shopping at, let us know and we'll refund the difference.

The Fine Print - You may be eligible for a discount/refund under the following conditions:
   • Item must be identical to item sought at, available to the public, in stock and priced accurately (no typo's, etc.).
   • Price Guarantee can not be used against auction items (eBay).
   • Item must not be part of a Limited Quantity/Time Offer or part of a Closeout or Clearance sale.
   • Price Guarantee refund requests must be submitted within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase at
   • Price Guarantee does not include shipping and handling charges only the cost of the item itself. 
   • As we are the manufacturer of the Tuffpak, all Tuffpak items are not covered under this price match guarantee.
   • All price matches are at the descretion of Nalpak.

To request a Price Guarantee Discount/Refund, simply email the URL for the purchase page of the item you've found, along with your name and phone number to [email protected]