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Col. Craig Boddington USMCR gives
Tuffpak a "thumbs up."


The following article was printed in the May/June 1996 issue of

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Tuffpak gun case

Traveling with firearms is never easy, and gun cases are never light. But now that the orange firearms tag goes on the inside of the case instead of the outside, wouldn't it be nice to have a gun case that doesn't look like a gun case. And, supposing you're headed for safari and you'd like to carry two rifles and a shotgun - or maybe you and your partner want to carry a rifle each, plus a spare - wouldn't you rather have just one case?

It can be done with the Tuffpak gun case from (Nalpak Sales). Nalpak has made hexagonal cases for motion picture tripods and other gear for ages. Some years back my colleagues at Petersen Publishing latched on to a couple, and I've used them . . . several times. They don't look like gun cases, but up to five long guns in soft cases (generally three full-sized, scoped guns), plus a rolled-up jacket and a few other goodies nestle just fine. Recently Nalpak has started offering the Tuffpak as a gun case, and the "new, improved" version has casters.

There's a secure locking system and twin handles. The sturdy case is molded from x-link polyethylene. Weight empty is just (17) pounds. Contact Nalpak Sales, Inc., 1937-C Friendship Drive, El Cajon, CA 92020. telephone 619-258-1200.

-Craig Boddington



(With Cape Buffalo and double .470 In Tanzania)

(Austrian Alps)

Joe Coogan Comments on Tuffpak after
Dall Sheep Hunt in Alaska


"Many thanks for (getting Tuffpaks here quickly).

Here with are a few photos of the Tuffpak on an Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt. As always, the Tuffpak protected all of my scoped rifles against the rigors of wilderness travel and the roughest treatment of all - airline baggage handlers."




An Article Written for Hunting Magazine
Published April 1994

Nalpak's Tuffpak

How often have you arrived at your hunting destination with a hard gun case, and found that you have forgot your soft gun cases? Or didn't have room in your luggage for them when packing? Well, a California company named NALPAK has responded to this problem. Based in El Cajon, NALPAK , which makes tough tubular cases for heavy-duty tripods on (cameras) used in the film industry, recently introduced a similar case for carrying guns. Its called TUFFPAK case, and it's practically indestructible.

Last fall a busy hunting schedule required that I travel to a variety of locations, often by air. I had the opportunity to test the TUFFPAK, and was very impressed with the protection it provided for my rifles and shotguns. But the feature I liked the best was the fact that I could pack my guns inside of soft gun cases and place these in the TUFFPAK. On a trip to Africa, I packed three rifles, filling in the space between them with clothing and gear – affording them even more protection. When I left the TUFFPAK in Arusha, I had the soft cases for further travel into the bush . . .

A TUFFPAK case will hold as many as five long guns, or four long guns and five handguns. This number will vary according to the thickness of the padded soft cases used for each of the guns and whether the rifles are scoped. I have been using Uncle Mike's Sidekick gun cases, which afford plenty of protection for my guns both inside the TUFFPAK and out of it.

Manufactured from rotationally-molded cross-linkable polyethylene-a virtually unbreakable material-the TUFFPAK weighs 17 pounds. The material is noted for its ability to resist deformation or damage from even the roughest of baggage handlers.

The TUFFPAK's unique design is tubular, octagonal (eight-sided) shape, which stops the case from rolling when placed on its side. The case is opened by removing a top-end lid that is locked in place, and is anchored with an extra-wide polypropylene web-strap that has a single-handle buckle release . . . .

Another feature of the unique shape is that it does not look like a gun case. As long as the airline allows you to put the "unloaded firearms" label inside, this reduces the chances of it being recognized by potential thieves. The TUFFAPK is (52) inches long and (10) inches in diameter. It comes in black and Hunter Green, and it will resist temperatures up to 140 degrees or down to 40 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit. The TUFFPAK is impervious to solvents, abrasion, denting, and shock. The suggested retail is $325.00. For additional information write Nalpak Sales, Inc. 1937-C Friendship Drive., Dept HM, El Cajon Ca 92020. (619) 258-1200.

Joe Coogan

Bill Miller Writes Nalpak after using
Tuffpak in his travels


"Between Trips, I just wanted to drop you a note to report on our success with the Tuffpak Gun Case . . . I love it!

"As you can imagine, between traveling for "North American Hunter" magazine and "North American Outdoors" on ESPN, I am nearly constantly on the go with my firearms . . . I can see myself using the Tuffpak almost exclusively for airline travel in the future.

The list of features in your letter is right on the money. Additionally, for several years now I have pulled the lining our of my Browning Travel Vaults (the original Pelican™ design) and put my firearms, inside their soft cases, in these. The Browning cases are sturdy and secure, but accomplish only what the Tuffpak does at the price of much more weight and no wheels. And the single latch locking system of the Tuffpak is another big plus.

I'm Sure that the results of the official NAHC Members' Field Test will be similar to what I've experienced with the Tuffpak. Plain and simple, it's the best system I've ever used to travel on airlines with firearms.

. . . You can bet I'll let North American Hunting Club members hear about it in my "Hunting Guns, Ammo & Optics" column very soon. Until then, take care, good hunting and have a happy holiday season.

Best afield,

Article by Cameron Hopkins


                As it appeared in

June  1997

Gun cases might as well be fitted with blaring sirens and have "Steal Me!" painted in bright red for all the attention they get in an airport. Then scrutiny begins as you walk through the airport to a ticket counter. People stare at you like you're Quasimodo as you awkwardly lug your aluminum gun case up to the ticket counter.

Finally, you make it to the ticket counter, get checked-in, and nervously watch your precious rifles disappear down a conveyor belt into the bowels of the airport.

Beneath you a gorilla waits for your bags. Worse yet, the gorilla might never get to practice the hammer toss with your gun case because a weasel sees it first. A thief can pop your locks faster and more deftly than you could do it with the key and, presto-chango, your guns are now his.

Ah yes, the joys of flying with firearms. Even if your guns aren't stolen, your stock not splintered or your barrel not bent, your gun case could always end up in Timbuktu.

British Airways has taken a public anti-hunting position. Since they cannot legally refuse your luggage, they have a neat way of foiling your hunting plans: they intentionally send your bag to the farthest corner of the globe away from where you're going.

The answer to these problems is what I christened the "stealth gun case" from NALPAK Sales. Originally designed to carry a movie camera tripod, the unusual case looks like anything but a "gun case." Officially called "TUFFPAK", most people assume it's a golf club case.

NALPAK is the leading supplier of tripod cases to the film industry, and airport personnel around the world have frequently seen "TUFFPAK" cases in with cargo shipments for film crews going on location. TUFFPAK draws no more attention than a Samsonite.

Made of rugged cross-linked polyethylene – okay, it's plastic – the octagonal case features wheels on the bottom for easy transport, two ergonomically shaped handles at the balance point and a tamper-proof lock.

Best of all, TUFFPAK is spacious enough to hold more than just guns. On a recent varmint hunt, I loaded two heavy barreled scoped varmint rigs in soft, zippered cases, boots a down vest filled in around the guns with socks and T-shirts. Everything fit snugly and the guns came through unscathed.

Quite by accident, I found that the hollow carrying handle is perfect for a Dewey cleaning rod, which fit so perfectly I would swear it was a design feature!

Strength, durability and capacity are main selling points NALPAK has chosen to emphasize, but I think they're missing TUFFPAK's main attraction: It doesn't look like a gun case. The case retails for $325, is extremely well made and is rugged.

As I picked up my TUFFPAK off the baggage carousel after the varmint hunt, a fellow next to me said, "Nice golf bag." I smiled as I pulled the TUFFPAK behind me, walking out of the airport without anyone giving me a second look. Obscurity is a good thing.

Travels With Tuffpak

The Tuffpak has been reviewed by Membership Organizations like the North American Hunting Club.

George King: Ulster, Pennsylvania: "I used the Tuffpak on two fly-in hunts. The Tuffpak is the ideal piece of equipment for bringing more than two guns on a trip. It is lightweight and strong enough to withstand almost any abuse. In fact, the Tuffpak fell out of our truck and bounced on the road. the outside of the case was a little scratched, but there was no damage to the guns and none of the scopes were off zero."

Alan Dykes: Princess Anne, Maryland: "The Tuffpak is a very sturdy case that will stand up to abuse. The octagon shape of the case facilitates loading so that every inch of available space can be utilized. On one trip I brought only two guns, but was able to use the rest of the available space for hunting clothes and accessories. On a different trip with three others hunters, the Tuffpak provided a space saving alternative for transporting multiple guns. The case has wheels on the bottom which come in handy."

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