Hydration Packs

CamelBak's hydration packs come in capacities of 1.5 to 3.1 liters (50-102 US fluid oz.) in a back pack style primarily for biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities, with smaller belt-type 830 ml. to 1.3 liter (28-45 US fluid oz.) packs designed for runners and walkers.

CamelBak products are always equipped with the latest technology and innovative features that make CamelBak the leader in personal hydration technology. Many CamelBak packs feature the new Antidote™ Reservoir with QuickLink™ System. CamelBak is the leader in personal hydration for men, women and kids. CamelBak packs are specifically designed for the needs of biking, running, hiking and outdoor activities and winter sports.
CamelBak packs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit every need. Women's packs feature the S-Curve women's harness for comfort and fit.


Whether you need to carry a lot of cargo or very little, CamelBak packs let you carry your gear and your water, efficiently & comfortably, wherever you go. Whatever your outdoor activity and requirements, Camelbak makes a pack for you.


CamelBak Wearable Hydration:


CamelBak RaceBak Wearable Hydration is a jersey that features the HYDROPOUCH™, an Innovative, integrated reservoir compartment that encapsulates a 70 oz. (2 L) reservoir to support and stabilize the water weight on your back. The HydroPouch is built into a base-layer compression fit fabric that includes a removable insulated pad. If you only need water and don't need cargo, this will keep you streamlined and hydrated on long rides or when you're training.


The proprietary QuickWick & QuickFit plush compression fabric self-adjusts to accommodate the full reservoir, and compresses as you drink, retaining the streamlined shape while conforming to the body like a second skin. Lightweight and breathable, the thermo-regulating fabric delivers maximum moisture management and dries quickly for cool and comfortable performance.

The removable insulation pad goes between the reservoir and your back, to keep the heat of your back off of your water, and the cold of your water off of your back. And, for really hot days when you want to cool your core temperature, you can fill the reservoir with ice water, remove the insulation pad, and get the cooling effect of the ice water directly on your core. The drinking tube is also insulated, so that first sip of water from the tube will stay cold on hot days.

Both the insulation pad and the base layer jersey are machine washable.


Camelbak Elixir:


A sugar-free effervescent tablet, loaded with electrolytes, designed specifically for a CamelBak hydration system. Elixir dissolves easily in water and won't leave a sticky residue if used in a reservoir. Use one tablet for every 24 oz of water. Sold in an easy-to-carry portable tube. Only 10 calories per serving.