The original heavy-duty case for expensive film and video camera tripods, Tuffpak™ has become the best way to safely and securely transport expensive firearms and hunting gear across the country or around the world. The rotational molding process used to form every Tuffpak™ enables us to produce an extremely durable lightweight case that can withstand even the roughest baggage handlers for a lifetime. Carry up to 3 scoped rifles plus gear in a case so tough that every Tuffpak™ comes with a "Guaranteed for Life" guarantee. Tuffpak™ cases can be ordered with rugged wheels that are protected by built-in "fenders", built-in key locks, or TSA Locks with "SearchAlert". Another great accessory available for your Tuffpak™ is the Tuff Sack, a full length nylon duffel that slides neatly into the Tuffpak™. Tuffpak ™ also makes an Ammo Box designed specifically for the safe and secure transport of your expensive (and often impossible to replace) ammunition.

When you are traveling, there is no better way to securely and discretely protect your firearms and valuable equipment than with Tuffpak™ cases.